Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Gah! sorry for the lack of posts :(

Things have been rather hectic recently to say the least. So today is going to be post overload to make up for it :)

First up, the next in my series of He-man fan art challenges. This guy is Scrollos, a kind of mystical 'watcher' from the old comics who keeps track of all the goings on of Eternia. I've kind of reimagined him as Adam who's come back from the future to watch and preserve the timeline he fought for. The costume is made up of elements of other Masters such as Man at arms, Teela and Orko, as well as incorporating other characters such as he-man, Skeletor, Triklops and others.

In the comic his face was never shown and i've interpreted this with a kind of eternal shadow. The star field represents the depth of his knowledge.

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theboneman said...

You make He-Man seem so much cooler than it ever was I'm sure.